Green A Go-Go

"Who would want Hal Jordan dead? That's a long list. "
-Hal Jordan

My personal sad thoughts on why GLTAS probably isn’t going to receive a big fandom anytime soon:

I know, I know, isn’t it a little to early in the series to come to that conclusion? Yeah, but at the moment it doesn’t really have all the elements to spawn a popular fandom. 

  • Too few characters, too few slash-able characters, too few ship-able characters.
  • Razer is really the only character so far with any kind of back story, at least for non-comic book fans. Hal hasn’t really received any backstory beyond ‘oooh test pilot, oooh he punched a diplomat once’. Kilowog… kinda implied history through dialogue. Aya… not happening.
  • Razer, again, and Aya are so far the only characters receiving much character growth/change/drama/whatever. Kilowog has had a few nice moments. Hal… not really? The potential for some drama is there though, future episodes I hope you deliver.
  • Needs more attractive people yes. Hmmm Saint Walker yes please.
  • Needs more angst yep.
  • The Team dynamics haven’t really settled yet.
  • People hate Hal Jordan.
  • Other things I have just forgotten.

BUT I AM HOPEFUL FOR THE FUTURE. Yes, give me a blue ring please. 

Hopefully once the series gets further along more permanent characters will be introduced, and more character drama will show up. Saint Walker, Carol Ferris, other Green Lanterns yes please.

I am sensing the potential for a small but dedicated fandom for Razer and Aya. So yay for that :)